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Evergreen Tire -

The tire that allows you to enjoy superior manipulation.Silicon material in tread provides low rolling resistance and outstanding environment protecting performance; Green tire.


  Superior manipulation
Remarkable asymmetrical pattern and the centralstrengthen rib give good manipulation, quick brakingreaction, extraordinary cornering ability to bring you a sense of mastery pleasure.
Simple and sophisticated patterns, with high gripand excellent drainage performance, ensure theanti-aquaplaning performance even in the water logging surface
  Pitch array
Analog pitch arrangement, not only providescomfortable driving, but also effectively reducesthe noise of the tires.
  Tire structure
Small steps on shoulder are designed to effectivelyprevent partial wear from occurring, whilestrengthening the lateral rigid to provide precisecontrol during steering.High hardness apex strip makes tires more sensitivewhen operating.Special bead contour design makes closercontact with the wheel rim after inflating the tire,and shortens the turn-up of the toe to providegreater security.
  Performance in Dry and Wet lands.
Optimized tread compound ensures the tires excel-lent non-skid performance on the wet road, andhigh traction and low rolling resistance on the dryroad, by making tires more conductible in motion,Special bead contour design makes closer contact with the wheel rim after inflating the tire, and short-ens the turn-up of the edge to provide better safety